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Do Not Take Real Estate Transactions Or Conflicts Lightly

Your home, land or business is one of your most expensive and important assets. If you are buying or selling property or are faced with a conflict on your property, having an attorney on your side is an important first step toward protecting that property or ensuring that the transaction is smooth, efficient and fair.

On Your Side

Attorney Josiah R. Stein founded his law firm, the Law Office of Josiah R. Stein, LLC, in Green Bay to assist commercial or residential property owners, individuals and other entities in all areas of real estate and condominium law, including:

  • Border disputes: Informing you on adverse possession claims (squatters’ rights) and prescriptive easements as well as any property issues that may arise from boundary disputes.
  • Drainage issues: If you have encountered excessive water runoff, flooding or other drainage issues as a result of neighboring property changes, get legal representation to set everything straight.
  • Easements: Informing you of your property’s easement rights, whether the easement is in writing, or your property is landlocked, and you need legal representation to establish an easement of necessity.
  • Transactions: Helping you with the buying and selling of residential and commercial property.
  • Drafting: Creating and reviewing offers to purchase, land contracts, homeowners association (HOA) contracts, easements, deeds, lease agreements and other important real estate documents as well as representing you in conflicts that arise from them.

Attorney Stein is ready to help you in both transactional real estate law and real estate litigation. These issues can be difficult to manage without the help of a knowledgeable lawyer. A real estate attorney can answer your questions and help you understand and review every aspect of your situation. Any misstep or oversight can be costly and time-consuming to correct.

Ready To Help

With the Law Office of Josiah R. Stein, LLC, helping you through the complicated process of real estate law, you will have a strong, experienced advocate on your side from start to finish. Whether you are selling your business, need to draft a lease, are facing a boundary dispute or are being evicted from your home, Attorney Stein is ready to represent you. Schedule a consultation by calling 920-569-3225. You can also send an email.