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My name is attorney Josiah R. Stein. I believe in giving the residents of northeast Wisconsin, the legal assistance they need in a manner that is professional yet friendly and personable. Your legal issues can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with. I am here to ease that burden and help you through by providing compassionate and knowledgeable service.

As the Owner and Managing Attorney of the Law Office of Josiah R. Stein, LLC, I represent individuals in family law issues as well as businesses and individuals in commercial and residential real estate transactions and conflicts.

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Making Real Estate Easy

Real estate matters are often complex. All minor details must be accounted for, and any mistakes could lead to costly litigation down the road. I enjoy the challenge of this practice area, and my clients are consistently satisfied with my work whether it involves drafting contracts, litigating a conflict or selling a house.

Your house, property or business is an expensive, important asset. I take that very seriously, and we will work together to ensure your concerns are addressed and everything is in order.

Compassionate Family Law Assistance

Family law issues are very personal, overwhelming events. If children are involved, the need for clarity and compassion is even more necessary. I am ready to address any concern you may have and get you on the right path. In most situations, I strive to keep things amicable for the sake of your children. However, if we need to litigate, I am ready to do so.

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I have dedicated my practice to personally helping individuals, businesses and families with the legal issues they face. You can be confident in my knowledgeable, compassionate and thorough services. I am here to be to your lawyer and advocate, from start to finish. Schedule an initial consultation with me today by calling 920-569-3225 or sending an email.

General Practice Including:

Real Estate

Family Law

Estate Planning

Business Law

Employment Law

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